Sunday, March 29, 2015

March round-up, *some* of NYT anti-Hilary Clinton negative narratives and stories.... and media pushback

I only covered 7 pieces of the NYT anti-Clinton offensive, and Media Matters also only covered a handful of the HRC articles in the NYT, and there are no overlap in story coverage, so just you can see what a busy month March has been for NYT smears against Hillary Clinton, here's a mini round-up.

This only counts *some* of their *dozens* email stories, and does not include *all* of their negative articles about Hillary Clinton, this is ONE month

At very least 12 egregiously false, misleading, biased and/or negative stories regarding Hilary Clinton, most with typical anti-Hillary talking points, all lacking journalistic integrity, and these are only they ones I and Media Matters have WRITTEN about.  

Media Matters:

1. Original flawed, misleading, deceptive Email non-scandal scandal story
2. Followup story, doubling down on misinformation after being called out
3. NYT pushes evidence-free speculation about Hillary's emails and classified information
5. NYT uses GOP talking points to call into question Hillary's advocacy for women and girls

NYT Narratives (this site):

1. Negative Narrative - Random and bizarre story pushing the idea that Clintons are all about their inner circle
2. Planting doubt about HRC's committment to childhood education
3. Bizarre framing of exoneration proof as proving guilt
4. NYT writes that HRC witholds what should be part of history, her own personal emails are owed to people
5. NYT declares Hillary Clinton is "not relatable", and that even the idea of it is laughable.
6. NYT delivers full and loaded anti Clinton talking points from anti-Hillary super pac! 
7. NYT insults Bill Clinton, including his looks, for no reason
8. NYT delivers more negative memes out of absolutely nowhere. (not counting this in my 12)

I have not included other bits I've noticed bits of narrative language I've seen in other pieces, I have a full time job and I would have to quit to write them all.

Also notable: NYT email writer takes to Twitter to declare a narrative change after his original story proved false.

While on the topic, let's not forget their double standard:
-NYT Double standard on Jeb's emails- Media Matters
-Double standards -Media Matters
-Who's missing - Media Matters
-But hey, are least her competition is teh awsum.

No fewer than 8 outlets weigh in on NYT coverage of Clinton, cuz it's that bad:
Greta Van Susteren: calls it "sloppy" "gossip", poor journalism.
and 7 other outlets call NYT out for their faux coverage drama regarding the email non-scandal scandal.

Bonus: Great piece by Peter Daou on the media's obsessive Hillary-hate

And can't not add this gem from the NYT defense of their disgusting bias toward and corrisponding coverage of Hillary Clinton; no, really, they wrote this: "Bulletproof Clinton Reporting". To be fair, the writer of this piece, Public Editor Margaret Sullivan, has in the past called the NYT out for this ridiculous cover of Hillary Clinton.

 Even those who were gross toward her themselves notice and call it out

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