Saturday, March 28, 2015

Mrs. Clinton rightfully deletes her own personal emails, as per State Dept instructions...

This weekend media (NYT/CNN/etc) are screaming that Hillary deleted her emails, even though  weeks ago she had already declared she did not preserve them. So really the NYT and CNN are not delivering any news about the actual emails but rather relaying witch hunt leader drama.

The new drama is that Hillary Clinton's lawyer sent a letter to Gowdy telling him, basically, 'we already told you no, you can't have her personal emails or personal server, and we already told you we followed the correct process'. Gowdy threw a tantrum for the media knowing they would print his drama, which they did. They even spread his "wiping her server clean" line in several news outlets.

But just in case anyone is curious, here's why it's not a *real* issue that she did not preserve the rest and how you can tell it's sensationalist trash from the media and a witch hunt by the GOP that are quite fortunate to have the NYT, et al gleefully giving them everything they need to keep it up.

Here are the instructions SOS Clinton was to use as to how to archive her emails. It is, as also stated in the instructions, the same procedure for paper filing. As in you don't archive your doodles and your personal notes. You file things of record. So it's like having a headline "HILLARY THREW OUT HER DOODLES AND LAUNDRY LISTS"

Sensationalist media 'ZOMG, SHE DELETED OFF THE SERVER!' But folks, those are the instructions below.

The personal emails and server not being handed over is only an issue for 2 entities. The GOP, which knows they will be running against her in 2016, and the NYT.

Why would a newspaper omit information about the very thing they reported? Here's why:

After the writer of most of the emails stories in the NYT had to clarify that his original story didn't hold water, he had to change the narrative, and it conflicts with the above information. (this is from his personal Twitter account).

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