Thursday, April 9, 2015

NYT goes after Bill Clinton, including his looks... they get called out...

As ugly (and as weird) as ever, on a day that the NYT have to skip a 'we-hate-hillary' story, they go after her family, namely her extremely popular husband. At some point they even have to print a correction of one of their narratives.

[NYT Narrative: Bill is old, Hillary is unfriendly, and they think they're royalty]

Bill Clinton calls it out: And he's right, "creative writing" indeed.

Here's just the first quarter of the 'lets diminish Bill Clinton' story:

In that story, of course they manage to insult Hillary Clinton too, randomly referring to her as "less gregarious". Interesting choice of words. Bill is exceptionally gregarious, by comparison the vast majority of people would be less gregarious, if you really wanted to go there you would put "not as gregarious" or make mention of how gregarious *he* is as opposed to saying she is "less gregarious", so....

They continue to find random ways to belittle the former president:
This month in Miami, Mr. Clinton showed he could follow orders
 As I've mentioned before, 1/2 of the stories they write include "foreign donations"
The foundation, which has received millions of dollars in donations from foreign governments, has come under criticism for potential conflicts of interest while Mrs. Clinton served as secretary of state
And of course pushing the narrative that the Clintons are privileged and live in a bubble (as they randomly accuse them of being in this piece).
"...sends an aide to buy his dress shirts at Bergdorf Goodman, and when he steps out of his S.U.V., he sometimes spreads his arms awaiting an aide to put his jacket on each arm." 
Ironic since one of the reason the NYT dislikes the Clintons is that they are not the NYT fishbowl considers southern trash.

They at some point even refer to him as being chauffeured. They have to issue a correction:

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