Friday, March 27, 2015

NYT: Hillary Unrelatable...

A man at the NYT has decided that Hillary Clinton is unrelateable to OTHER people and NYT made sure to include a whole piece on it. Hillary Clinton, meanwhile:

But Mr. Mansplainer at the NYT doesn't like her that much so he's gonna write an article that others don't either and that they can't relate to her and then he's gonna 'splain you why. The writer said he was inspired by something positive posted about SOS Clinton, immediately he found it funny hearing something positive about her and proceeds to write a negative piece. Sounds about par for the course there at the NYT lately.

Eternal Quest for Relatability - Mike Leibovich, 3/20/15. I must have missed their article on Senator Cruz trying to appear sane but what can you do.

NYT Narrative: Hillary is not relatable, and she and her supporters are a joke.
[Bonus NYT narrative words about Hillary Clinton: "Calculating" "Clinton fatigue" "Cackle"]

The author  Mark Leibovich starts off mocking anyone who likes her, and brands her supporter negatively immediately and then "chuckles" at the idea of her being relatable...
Paul Begala, the Clinton partisan and part-of-the-furniture pundit, had tweeted a link to a U.S. News and World Report article that described Hillary Clinton as “relaxed, warm, funny and relatable” in a speech she gave in Atlantic City. I immediately recognized “relatable” as the Clinton trope that it is. I chuckled to myself and retweeted Begala with an emphasis on “relatable.”
Gotta get those narrative words in, make sure readers never forget to associate all negative words with her by putting them into articles multiple times a week, and then the writer says that "she's not" relatable and that she is too calculated.
Now comes “relatable,” which Clinton owns in a big way — as in, she’s not. Too rich, too famous, too calculated. If she did not own this “relatable” stamp before, she does now
And by the way, how does calculated fit into relatability? Doesn't, does it.

Also got to get in a favorite negative description for a Hillary laugh:
Late in the “S.N.L.” skit, McKinnon’s Clinton showed a sonogram of her fetal self hoisting a “Hillary 2008” sign in her mother’s womb. She cackled and added, for good measure, “what a relatable laugh!” It was a gratuitous and perfect touch;
Gratuitous indeed. The NYT writes articles and pieces with a negative narrative about Hillary Clinton on a regular basis regardless of actual reality.

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