Saturday, March 28, 2015

NYT delivers full talking points from anti-Hillary super pac

NYT parrots right wing talking point from anti-democrat super pac 'America Rising'...

What more could an anti-Hillary super pac want. Someone delivering their message for free to over a million people in what most people consider to be an honest news source. They struck gold with the NYT.

The NYT all month has been spreading rumors, baseless accusation, and doubling down on deceptive stories, but they times they go even farther. This writer, who's original email piece was debunked, delivers the talking points from anti-Hillary super pac, America Rising.

[Anti-Clinton memes: Calculating, secrecy]

NYT delivers full anti-hillary pac talking points here...

Like many of the anti-Clinton GOP meme words written through their articles, the NYT slips them in by finding quotes from others. This one he takes them directly from the super PAC America Rising. From the NYT, March 3rd, 2015

Unfortunately, Clinton's own political calculation and desire for secrecy, as evidenced by her exclusive use of email accounts...   -Talking point from anti-Hillary super pac, America Rising, delivered by the NYT 

There was NO reason a journalist would need to include their statement on "calucation" and "secrecy", that has nothing to do with journalism. If this was about a law suit they needed to delivery the information regarding the plaintiff, and that's it. The NYT is pushing these on purpose. Make no mistake about it. 

On their website the Superpac brags that they can change media narrative:
Our work influenced the 2014 elections. Bloomberg said we “rattled Democrats who were not used to losing the media’s story lines” in 2014.

We’re also looking forward to influencing the 2016 elections. The Washington Post and CNN have called America Rising the leading group on the right preparing for a Hillary Clinton candidacy and the earliest sustained effort to begin defining future Democratic presidential contenders. Follow our Hillary Clinton coverage here.
And the NYT is either falling for it or purposefully spreading their message in the hopes of influencing the 2016 elections, it's hard to believe it's not the latter.

Edit: Let's go back in time to NYT delivering other anti-Clinton group propoganda: Whitewater.

"The mainstream media (to which we mail ClintonWatch regularly) is now beginning to parrot much of the information and analysis we break."
-- ClintonWatch, November 1993

"Citizens United has been a powerful force behind the exposure of the biggest story to hit Washington D.C. since Watergate."
-- Citizens Agenda, February 1994

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