Saturday, June 20, 2015

NYT *hearts* Bush.

You will never see an article like this in the NYT about Hillary Clinton... But for Jeb Bush, this is not rare. 

"A Candidate at Last, Jeb Bush Bounces Into New Hampshire"

Hillary's was:
a "prolonged prologue to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s second run for the White House will reach its suspenseless conclusion"
NYT re: Jeb Bush
"disarmingly playful and noticeably relaxed, quick to joke and eager to connect".
NYT re: Hillary Clinton
 "trying awfully hard to be down w/ the in crowd"
But lets see more. NYT re: Bush. No, really, here are a few sentences in the article:

-Mr. Bush’s wry response: “Well, I’m glad you got a job.” The audience erupted into laughter and applause.

-Before she had even asked her question, Mr. Bush walked over and gave her a firm hug. 

-There were, of course, a few beginner’s mistakes.

-Appearing at ease and nimble as he engaged with them.

-A cerebral policy maven, Mr. Bush has often seemed more at ease dissecting data with think-tank scholars than fielding oddball queries from voters, 

-Mr. Bush who, with time, could hold his own against his party’s most talented talkers

-Mr. Bush wielded his dry humor over and over on Tuesday

-He gave a long, emotional hug to a woman who told of her decades-long struggle with mental disabilities.

Certainly a far cry from "wax figure", "freak" "queen" . But not unlike other articles they've written about Jeb Bush during this election.

NYT writes yet another post on the Clinton's vacationing in the Hamptons...

[NYT Narrative: Rich, elitist, and little more than a politician]:

Here Amy Choznic is instructed by the NYT to write an 2,000 word article on the Clinton's vacation and how it contrasts with her populist stances.

First 3 paragraphs:

For the past several summers, Bill and Hillary Clinton have done what New York City’s moneyed residents have done for decades: They spent their vacation amid the prime beachside real estate of Long Island.
In 2011 and 2012, there was the eight-bedroom, 12,000-square-foot East Hampton rental with a heated pool that the couple took for part of August, the kind of house that typically goes for $200,000 per month, according to local real estate listings.
Then, in 2013, they opted for an equally pricey six-bedroom mansion in Sagaponack with a private pathway to the beach. (Mrs. Clinton worked on her memoir, “Hard Choices,” from a sunny office with an ocean view.)

followed by...blah blah blah blah...she's a politician....blah blah. Same article they've written multiple times.

Bonus: The zillionth email article from the other day:
Mr. Blumenthal handed over the emails to the committee on Friday in response to a subpoena. Dozens had never been provided to the panel, raising questions about whether the State Department and Mrs. Clinton had complied with its requests.

“As some of you know, this has been an ongoing issue; I want the documents, not the drama,” Mr. Gowdy said.
This from the guy who sent 2 sheriffs to Blumenthal's house to deliver a subpoena to his wife, after he leaked Blumenthal emails to the NYT. Needless to say that never "raised questions" about the how political this effort by Gowdy is.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

NYT continues to scandalize Clinton Foundation.

Of course they do. [NYT Narrative: Bill Clinton and CGI are greedy and shady].
"In August 2013 the model Petra Nemcova rewrote an earlier invitation asking Bill Clinton to accept a lifetime achievement award from Ms. Nemcova’s Happy Hearts Fund charity. The first invitation was declined. In this one, she offered to share the proceeds of the gala with the Clinton Foundation, which has a budget 100 times bigger than her small charity’s. 
Six months after Bill Clinton accepted a lifetime achievement award at the Happy Hearts Fund gala in June 2014, the Clinton Foundation sent this invoice to the charity, run by the model Petra Nemcova. It sought to collect a $500,000 donation, equal to almost a quarter of the gala’s net proceeds"

So just to be clear, Petra gains money for her foundation by getting Bill Clinton to attend, and he gains money for his foundation by attending hers. NYT take away? CGI has 100x more money but takes a quarter of her fundraising. I guess Bill should just spend all his days raising money for other people's foundations and not his own? Or bad according to NYT.