Friday, March 27, 2015

By contrast, NYT on Bush and others...

I was just reading through some of NYT articles about Jeb Bush written in March (very few of them have been written so far) and want to share some of the language used and things they find notable about possible contenders:

This is from one of about 4 articles that have been written about Jeb Bush in the last 3 weeks, all quite lovely I assure you, there were over a dozen of SOS Clinton, none of which shared any resemblance to this in any way, shape or form.

Jeb Bush vast plot to win Florida
NYT Narrative: Rubio young and charismatic, Jeb's just all around awesome (last week Ted Cruz was "brilliant").

...seeks to try to neutralize two potentially grave but homegrown threats to Mr. Bush’s long-anticipated run for president: the likely challenge from a charismatic young Republican senator from Miami, Marco Rubio, He suggested that Mr. Rubio remain in the Senate, calling him “a young man that has a lot of potential.”
Mr. Bush’s muscular outreach in Florida — where actions like a tribute to an aide at his deathbed and staff reunions at Disney World have won the admiration of Republican leaders — is relying on a highly personal touch and the tug of loyalty to a man who ushered in what has been a 17-year stretch of Republican state government.
“Jeb has taken the trouble to nurture these relationships,” said John McKager Stipanovich, a prominent Republican lobbyist in Tallahassee who receives a personal message from Mr. Bush every Nov. 26. “They don’t even need to reach out in Florida. They never let go.”
Several fondly recalled the latest reunion Mr. Bush held at Disney World, attended by hundreds of former staff members and their families, who lined up for photographs with him and roasted him onstage. And they spoke with admiration about his recent visit to the home of an ailing former aide and state lawmaker, Ken Plante, just days before he died.
In interviews, a dozen current and former Florida lawmakers embraced Mr. Bush’s likely candidacy, citing his record of cutting taxes and spending as governor.

See the difference yet? The article before this he was "masterful", etc.

What I can tell you for sure, is that no one yet has asked him why he didn't keep *his* 10's of thousands of personal emails that were on *his* personal server running *his* personal domain to do *his* official business. I wonder if the NYT would pontificate that he deleted them due to being a polarizing person.

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