Friday, March 27, 2015

Greta Van Susteren calls out the NYT for "gossip" and sloppy journalism...

"Can’t the New York Times do better than this? This is what is wrong with journalism"

Greta on the gossipy tragedy that nyt is passing off as news.

This is what is wrong with journalism — American people are fed what amounts to as gossip and the NYT is happy to feed it. In the old days, journalists would have worked the stories longer (there is no rush to get this published) and harder and either the journalists would have seen the emails themselves or gotten us names of those who supposedly were telling the content.  And other journalists as they read this? Do they call the NYT out? nope, because for the most part this is so common no one sees it as a problem and / or they do it themselves.  

- Greta Van Susteren

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