Tuesday, April 14, 2015

NYT Robert Reich insinuates Hillary would "run on being the first woman" as a platform

Yes folks, that's right. We have a real pig on our hands by the name of Robert Reich.

He's not the only one, Fox did it as well. It's a little mini campaign meant to disparage SOS Clinton, obviously trying to make it seem like she's running on gender and nothing else, and worst of all, to pre-shame women who are excited about voting for a woman. This is one of the ugliest Hillary-detractor strategies I've seen, but I knew it was coming. Haters have *got* to know, once women get into Hillary, there's not much chance of getting them back, so this will be a theme that goes on for a long time and it will get worse.

As for this particular post, let's keep in mind, this is right after Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy and in a 2 minute video never mentioned being a woman, fighting for women or anything related to gender. Not once.

Let's take a look at R.Reichts' disgusting post on Facebook. This, folks, is the definition of asshat:

"A presidential candidate cannot run on being the first woman to be president, because that is not a platform. It does not tell the nation what she will do to respond to the nation’s needs. It also contradicts the underlying premise that a woman can do the job quite as well as a man and therefore gender should not matter. If gender should not matter, then, logically, a campaign cannot be based on gender. Hillary Clinton must make the case for why she should be president based on where she wants to lead the nation, and why, just as any man running for president must do. And that case must be made starting from the moment she declares her candidacy."

Fortunately many people were not stupid enough to fall for it and read his ass in the comments. This ugly shit should not be tolerated. When you see it, push back, call it out, twitter it, put it on your facebook and let people know exactly what it is;

Some great comments in response were:

-"I think a man wrote this"

-"I didn't see anything in Hillary's video that even hinted at "vote for me because I'm a woman."

-"As a platform no. But she can acknowledge her uniqueness."

-"I can say for certain that you are losing your mind if you think 'being a woman' is her platform, that in itself is sexist and pisses me off"

-"We want a president that gives a shit about the women. Male privilege needs to end."

-"The only people saying she's running solely on a "platform" of being female are her opponents". (Got that right)

-"Perhaps it's the men who have not paid attention to what she has been saying ".

-"I think your assumption that her race will be based on gender is mean-spirited and destructive".

-"Maybe you should shut up and listen to her".

-"I think you are full of shit. And rancor. And regardless of what you think, I want a woman president in my lifetime and you and the men on the right can kiss my ass! I had enough of this shit in 2008"

-"But it is still time for a woman president. And if people voting for her do so JUST because she is a woman? As long as she keeps the likes of Ted Cruz away from the presidency, that's all right with me..." 

-"OF COURSE she is going to run on an electable political platform. To imply otherwise is ludicrous and offensive. But damn right: We're going to elect our first woman president!" (<- uh oh, watch out RR and odious company, women are already excited to vote for her, and once they do, they're not going back)

(and of course there were many angry republicans posing as liberals 1%%%%!!!!, lol) 


  1. Sex and gender have mattered until now. Why should it suddenly stop with Hillary?