Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Negative Narrative in Every Story...

It's not a NYT story about Hillary Clinton unless there are cherry-picked negative statements about her. Let's take a look.

[NYT Narrative: Hillary Clinton is not genuine (oh, and her whole IA trip is just staged)]:

It's a very common NYT vs. Hillary Clinton tactic to find negative statements about her from others and only include those while not including any other types of statements. And here they go again.  These are from the last 7 paragraphs of the story. There are 4 statements by people in the whole article and these are them. And judging by the statements, something else isn't quite right either.
Iowans seemed to appreciate the attention, but also to recognize its artificiality. “I’m guessing this was a campaign manager advising her to do this, said Corey Jones, a 17-year-old student in the small audience allowed in to watch Mrs. Clinton’s round-table discussion. It doesn’t seem like it was her idea.

Keith Stamp, a member of the college’s board of directors, said he was grateful that Mrs. Clinton had chosen their community for her first stop. “We know some of this is staged, but it’s about as good as it’s going to get when you’re running for president,” he said.

“She’s going back and fixing her mistake,” said Hallie Corum, 17, a high school student. “I don’t think it’s very genuine. It’s not open-forum. It’s all scripted.”
Others just wanted a chance to get to know the real Mrs. Clinton. Brianna Langdon, 20, who was chosen to participate in the round table, said her only real impression of Mrs. Clinton came from “Saturday Night Live.”

“They portray her as all about herself,” Ms. Langdon said, “so I’m hoping today to see that she’s not.

That last line "I hope she's not" is the NYT equivalent of concern trolling. They do it often. 'Something could be negative... but we hope not!' Concern trolling.

Like I said, I only write on a fraction of NYT articles, 5% at most, but I don't have to look for ones like this...they're ALL like this. Articles and stories about her competitors, however, are nothing like this.

More than a few people call them out in the comments. One made me smile:

"Another article in this paper says 'Hillary is trying to look normal...Where's the public editor? These both are supposed to be news articles, instead they are editorials. You New York Times folk better up your game, otherwise you'll go the way of Drudge. NO candidate should be subject to news articles like this. Save the opinions for the editorial page, where candidates are fair game."

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