Thursday, April 23, 2015

A stroll down memory lane of the NYT printing very serious false accusations...

Just a reminder to folks who think the NYT doesn't mislead the American public for financial or political reasons, let's take a look into the past at only 4, starting with their hand in selling the Iraq war by scaring Americans into believing Bush's lies about Saddam Hussein.

1. Their false, incorrect, misleading stories that helped sell the Iraq war to the public with "verified" stories, (that they later admit were not verified) about stories about Saddam's quest for weapons. Well apparently they were just given wrong information, oops:
The problematic articles (oops) varied in authorship and subject matter, but many shared a common feature. They depended at least in part on information from a circle of Iraqi informants, defectors and exiles bent on "regime change" in Iraq, people whose credibility has come under increasing public debate in recent weeks. -NYT
Oh, the informants had an agenda, (sorta like a recent source of recent article insinuating something sinister, story false) great sources then, anyone else have agenda? Based on the content of NYT articles featured in my blog and on others', I'd say it's hardly unusual for NYT to use their paper to push an agenda. But the NYT has an excuse for selling misinformation about Saddam Hussein's weapon aquisition, and it's also part of their regular method of operation; not taking the time to verify.
"Editors at several levels who should have been challenging reporters and pressing for more skepticism were perhaps too intent on rushing scoops into the paper". -NYT
Well that's interesting. Well surely after a mistake (?) that helped sell a war that killed 5,000 Americans and 200,000 Iraqis that would be sufficient enough to make sure the next time you insinuate or claim that a country in the Middle East has weapons of mass destruction you would double, triple, quadruple check. But that didn't happen, this did: (2) They pushed the exact same falsehoods regarding Syria/WMD.

And we know they love their Clinton hit-pieces that later turn out to be false, some of course setting off major consequences, like their (3) faulty Whitewater reporting and or (4) other bs that leads to investigations that last years. (I'll add this one in for good measure, pretty much the same insinuated charge as their recent story about Clintons and Uranium, but this debunked hit piece was in 2008)

Mistakes? The thing is, editors don't accidentally let reporters rush to report dictators that a U.S. president is on the verge of going to war, are ramping up seeking weapons. The NYT has an agenda and they have blood on their hands, a lot of it; You can be sure they have no problem pushing a Republican into the White House that will result in a stacked conservative SCOTUS that will impact 1,000's upon 1,000's of people's lives. Why they hate the Clintons and why they are so eager to put Jeb Bush into the White House isn't something I'm willing to speculate on, but don't forget that they don't care who is hurt, who will suffer or even how many will die as a result of whatever their agenda is.

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