Sunday, August 2, 2015

This week in "We Cover Hillary Clinton Fairly"

After a botched hit-piece and many a mention of the NYT ridiculously biased coverage against Hillary Clinton, word this week from multiple people at the NYT is that there's no difference in their HRC coverage vs other candidates. Feel free to scroll through my blog a see what you think, but here's a NYT mini photo montage of what no bias looks like. Just a few pics from March through June. NYT cover several other candidates and I can almost guarantee you, they do not look like this.

This a few weeks before Hillary Clinton announces 
(right after the first botched email story they walked back in March):

This accompanied an op-ed by weekly columnist Frank Bruni
about how Hillary Clinton makes democrats sick, titled "Hillary the tormentor".

The Prolonged prologue to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s second run for the 
White House will reach its suspenseless conclusion"

This cuz any opportunity to decapitate her is good enough:

This is the only one not from this year. 

All excuses aside (whatever those could be), there are not images like these for the other candidates. There aren't, and if someone could prove me wrong, go for it. Find me 3 the equivalent of these for Jeb Bush or another candidate.

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