Friday, July 31, 2015

NYT Bush beat writer smooching Bush, *mwah*, as usual

Hey, remember when writers were supposed to a tiny little bit unbiased. Well, if you've read this, you remember a very special loving piece about Jeb Bush, written by NYT Mike Barbaro. I've also noted another Bush piece in the past, but until now I didn't realize it was the same writer, Mr. Barbaro. Of course! It's his beat-writer.

Fast forward to today, someone posted a NYT snip on Twitter noting the Bambi vs. Godzilla scene you see below as relates to 2 presidential candidates. Oh, and guess who NYT portrayed as Godzilla. Surprise!

Seems Mike Barbaro can absolutely not help himself. Funnily enough, regarding the event being "covered", speeches at The Urban League (here's normal coverage of it), the spin from Jeb's communications director was the exact same as the NYT piece, "Hillary is mean to Jeb", echoing something Jeb said the other day ("Hillary almost took my head off"), and just made it an all around bad thing, he wanted it to be high minded! It's almost like Mike Barbaro is saying exactly what the Jeb campaign is saying. Who'da thought.

Well this *would* be surprising if it were paper with any integrity, but, guess what...maybe not so much integrity after all. Seems Bush's communications director, Tim Miller and he don't just see each other during event coverage.

But no matter... Speaking of both giving the same report, Barbaro even quotes his friend Tim's Twitter feed.
On Twitter, Tim Miller, Mr. Bush’s communications director, called it a “Clintonesque move to pass over chance to unite in favor of a false cheap shot.”
NYT hates not to get words like "Clintonesque" in there. Fortunately they can just quote other people doing it. High five, bro!

This guy can in no way be impartial to Jeb Bush. Compare any of his articles to Amy Choznic's on Hillary Clinton. It is night and day. HRC is called every name in the book, picked on, concern-trolled, you name it, and Jeb is just all around you can't even believe how wonderful. And if anyone says otherwise, well, they must just be stomping all over said wonderful man.

Even conservative group Newsbusters came out with a piece noting Mike Barbaro's affection for the GOP candidate.
New York Times reporter Michael Barbaro issued a gushing profile Sunday of Jeb Bush, former Republican governor of Florida, possible presidential contender, and, apparently, the smart Bush...Barbaro is so flattering you'd think he was writing about a Democrat.
Newsbusters was a little confused and attributed the Jeb Bush "flattery" as a ruse to put down W., but those of us who've read the paper from the dem side know that is not the case. Here's what Newsbusters pointed out in May. Try not to puke over the unprofessional display of man-bro-love in a supposed to be legitimate newspaper:

NYT, folks.

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