Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sexual innuendo & another GOP HRC smear, from NYT

The lowest lives in the GOP love to insinuate Hillary Clinton and Huma Abeden are lesbian lovers (the Free Beacon types, Judicial Watch, etc). But surely no news organization would play along. Not even TMZ has yet... oh, wait.. here comes NYT, namely Maggie Haberman, who was hired by Dean Baquet to troll Hillary Clinton.

I don't even know what to say about this so I'll just post it:

From NYT Twitter account:

And an article they actually wrote and printed. And yes, those are the first 2 paragraphs.


  1. Changing the masthead to "All the news that's fit to invent."

  2. I can't phantom why are we talking about this crap. We all know that the NYT is the Misogynist Tabloid par excellence, completely dominated by the worldview that women are dissolute sinners and need an iron whip hand to be kept in check, typical of a Seventh Century's Patriarchal Society.

  3. We are talking about it because too many people still assign credibility to this rag. Less every day - I saw GOP-ers disgusted by this, but still