Saturday, June 13, 2015

NYT continues to scandalize Clinton Foundation.

Of course they do. [NYT Narrative: Bill Clinton and CGI are greedy and shady].
"In August 2013 the model Petra Nemcova rewrote an earlier invitation asking Bill Clinton to accept a lifetime achievement award from Ms. Nemcova’s Happy Hearts Fund charity. The first invitation was declined. In this one, she offered to share the proceeds of the gala with the Clinton Foundation, which has a budget 100 times bigger than her small charity’s. 
Six months after Bill Clinton accepted a lifetime achievement award at the Happy Hearts Fund gala in June 2014, the Clinton Foundation sent this invoice to the charity, run by the model Petra Nemcova. It sought to collect a $500,000 donation, equal to almost a quarter of the gala’s net proceeds"

So just to be clear, Petra gains money for her foundation by getting Bill Clinton to attend, and he gains money for his foundation by attending hers. NYT take away? CGI has 100x more money but takes a quarter of her fundraising. I guess Bill should just spend all his days raising money for other people's foundations and not his own? Or bad according to NYT.

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